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To turn the Computer on

Push the big button on the front of the computer,

wait until you get to the main screen (about 1 minute)

Ignore the error message about “Dell 942” we’ll have to fix it sometime


Some of the more important controls highlighted in colour.

To connect to the Internet


  • The two left hand bulbs on the modem should be lit after turning the pc on
  • double click to connect


Click on connect

 Click on dial


  • the arrows glow bright green when you are sending (up) and receiving (down) data and the right hand light on the modem will flash

To surf the Internet using a browser

  • A web browser is like the front page of a newspaper with indexes


  • Click on Firefox Internet web browser (does the same job as Internet Explorer but better and safer)

This is a web page that shows you  that you are connected to the web

Move your mouse over the links. When it changes from a pointer to a hand and the words underline click it to take you to another page

Browser top left –

you can type the address in here of another site to visit. It will usually begin http://www...

The buttons are (left to right)

  • Go back one page
  • Go forward one page
  • Reload or refresh the page
  • Stop trying to load if it’s slow or busy
  • Go to your home page (Currently it’s set up as the bbc)

Saving favourites

If you are on a page you wish to come back to you can save a link

Bookmarks, Bookmark this page, Add Bookmark

Searching for information

Google http://www.google.com

Listening to the radio on the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/


The following appears in windows

  • Top line : What the program is called (this is Mozilla Firefox)
  • 2nd line : Pull down Menus (File, Edit, View etc). Click on one of these and it mght show more options/
  • 3rd line : Menu buttons : leave the cursor over them and they will say what they are
  • 4th line : favourites


  • You can move a window by left click on the title bar and dragging
  • You can resize a window by left click on the edges and dragging
  • Click on the top right 3 buttons to minimise [_], maximise [¯]or close [X] the window

Pop ups

If a window “pops up” telling you that you have won something or offers to help clear your computer of problems or viruses it is a scam and you must push the top right [X] button.




The Computer Desk top (yours will look a little different)


 Bottom left : Start menu with icons to start new programs

  Bottom Centre : Optional Programs running

 Bottom right : System tray : Automatic programs running,

MSN Messenger

MSN messenger on line chat

MSN messenger on line chat


 Click on a name if the symbol is green

If the person replies you will see their message in the top window.


Your e-mail address is r**.w******@hotmail.com

Word Processing

Word Processor

  • Creating a file
  • Template
  • Loading a previous file
  • Editing a file
  • Printing a file
  • Saving a file

Excel Spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet

Turn the Computer off

  • Disconnect from the Internet
  • Log off
  • Stop the computer
  • Wait until all the lights go out.

In emergency (only do this in emergencies as it can corrupt your data)

  • If the computer stops working, freezes or beeps constantly you will have to push a little button on the front of the computer.
  • If that fails hold the on/off switch for at least 10 seconds until it starts to reboot.
  • If all of that fails then you will have to turn the plug off at the wall.


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