Barcelona 2005

Sagrada Familia 

they've been building it since 1880 something !


the view from one of 4 towers looking at 4 more towers

looking down

looking down on the building works

view south west

the view southwest, Montjuic in the background

inside tower fruit

lots of fruit designs on the side of the cathedral


S. pretending to be the Pope


the original plans


the entrance

crane 11311130 1133

parc guell :


a view of the city, you can just about see the sagrda familia


S. sitting on the longest bench in the world at 500'


the entrance wwhich is a gift and book shop


part of the ceiling design


ceramic roof

1093 1094

S.'s dinner

Montjuic :

S. was stung in the eye (but is OK now)

views of Barcelona from Montjuic

Poble Espanol (about 100 old or reconstructed houses from all over spain)

Montserrat :

A monastery on the side of a cliff about an hour north west of Barcelona by train

A cable car up from the train station

brings you to this monastery

the view from the top

S. found the view quite hair raising

lovely views !

S. and I took a funicular up to St Joan and had an hour long walk back down again

We found a little shed at the top

The view from half way back

There are many hotels and shops at the top now

S. (at least I think it's S.) enjoying the cable car down again

A "dry waterfall" below the cable car

Back in Barcelona :

Gaudi's Casa la pedreda

and Casa Battlio

Various :

The flat we rented :

the view from the balcony

Our flat (well the street side, we had a quieter courtyard flat that just suffered from barking dogs rather than street traffic)

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