Madeira 2005

Funchal from the hotel

hotel at night

Here's a view of Funchal from our hotel at night

hotel next morning

the same view but at dawn the next morning

different morning

And another view on a different morning

hotel day

Finally a view during the day

A tour round the west of Madeira

Cāmara de Lobos

Cāmara de Lobos

Rough Sea

the sea was quite rough at Ribeira Brava

Cabo Girao

the tallest sea cliff in Europe at 580m at Cabo Girao

The old road between Seixal and Porto de Moniz is hacked into the cliff just above the sea. Until recently this road had been for two-way traffic including coaches and lorries.

Above Porto Moniz the farmland is steeply terraced

Mountain views in the Centre of Madeira

Sunbeams through the valley near Serra de Agua

This picture doesn't do the view justice as it was taken out of the window of a moving coach

There's very little flat land in the centre of Madeira 

The view north near Serra de Agua

A walk on the Levada

The Levadas are water channels cut into the sides of mountains to bring water from the wet north to the more populated south of Madeira. There are access paths by the side and they make very interesting walks

This shows how steep the side of this mountain was.

Funchal from the Levada

The Levadas can sometimes get very muddy

There are many waterfalls, luckily the sun came out to give this rainbow effect

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