USA 2006

2221 Hol

Every holiday I do something like this because my Dad did when we were kids (just to annoy us I think)

San Francisco 


There are three cable car lines in SF, this one leaves Market and climbs over a very steep hill to Van Ness

2117 SF

S. and Di in front of the San Francisco skyline


The view from Alcatraz


On Alcatraz Island

2122 View

The view from the back window of the flat in San Francisco near 24th and Castro


San Francisco has several streetcar lines, Line F is always above ground (Castro to Fisherman's wharf) and are all old renovated stock from places like Italy, Russia and the UK

2148 Gull

While we were eating a cheesecake in San Francisco this Gull brought a sweet wrapper to show us and then ate it

San Juan Island

2188 Orca

Orca whales off San Juan Island

2197 Orca

The whales swam very close to shore at San Juan

2205 Eagle

A bald eagle surveying its territory


This Orca whale came very close to shore


And so did these seals


The Ferry at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island

'Twin Peaks'

2248 View

The view used at the start of every Twin Peaks episode

2155 Dusk

S. took this sunset from Poulsbo

2160 Log

This is the Log where they found Laura Palmer 'wrapped in plastic'

2162 Lodge

Kiana Lodge near Poulsbo was used as the inside of the 'Great Northern' hotel where Agent Cooper stayed


The fireplace in Kiana lodge


Another view of the inside of the Kiana lodge


Very realistic fauna in Kiana Liodge

2232 RR doubler.jpg

The Double R Diner in North Bend with Mount Si in the background

2244 pulaski.jpg

I think this was the bridge where Ronette Pulaski was found

2249 Roadhouse

The deserted Colonial Inn in Fall City was used in Twin Peaks for the exterior shots of 'The Roadhouse'

2251 edsgarage.jpg

This may have been the location for Big Ed's gas station


This was the inspiration for Big Ed's diner


A painting on the back of the Double R diner

2263 Falls falls.jpg

The Snoqualmie or Angel falls

salishgt northern

The Salish lodge was used for the exterior shots of 'the Great Northern' in Twin Peaks and Snoqualmie falls

snoqlog snoqlog

A log in Snoqualmie


A train car in Snoqualmie

Seattle and Washington State


Our hotel (behind the yellow building still being built) from the Columbia tower


The Seattle Tower


We met up again with Holly and Elliot from Portland OR


Mt Rainier seen from Interstate 5


Holly and Mt Rainier in the background


The view of the Seattle skyline from the hotel, if you peer through the spaghetti of overhead cables


The same view but at night


We got a great view of downtown San Francisco on the way home.

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