Panoramic Photography

I've always liked panoramic photography and have never owned a "proper" panoramic camera but have in the past cut and pasted prints or digital images. I could never get the joins right but then discovered autostitch which usually does a very good job.

aloha tower
^ Downtown Honolulu from the Aloha tower
^ The view of the pacific from my bedroom
^ A Hawaiian waterfall
hilton beach
^ Waikiki beach at the hilton
hilton jetty
^ The hilton at Waikiki beach

rock pools
^ rock pools at Pupukea
^ The forum, Rome. Note the bride and groom at the bottom left.
inside colluseum
^ Inside the Colluseum in Rome
wedding cake north
^ The view north from the Wedding Cake in Rome

wedding cake south
^ The view south from the Wedding Cake in Rome

Two lines of  antique trains in Snoqualmie, Washington chinatown_sf_9.jpg

San Francisco's Chinatown


Noe Valley San Francisco from a house on 23rd St


TWIN PEAKS : The famous log (left) where Laura Palmer was found and the Kiana lodge (right) where they filmed the interior scenes of the Great Northern Hotel


San Francisco CA from Coit Tower

Hampton Court

^ Hampton Court

Natural History Museum
^ Natural History Museum top of millennium eye at sunset

^ from the top of London's Millennium eye at sunset

east from tower bridge

^ looking east from Tower Bridge along the river Thames

the view from a monastery in Bavaria

^ the view from a monastery in Bavaria


^ somewhere in Cornwall (I've forgotten exactly where !)

felixstowe ferry

^ Felixstowe ferry (Suffolk)


^ Kingston on Thames SW London

meteor crater

^ Meteor Crater USA

monument valley

^ Monument Valley USA

new zealand

^ Near Queenstown NZ

outer banks

^ Outer Banks USA


^ Richmond on Thames SW London


^ Montjuic, Spain


^ Hills above Montserrat, Spain

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